Burglar Alarms

Don’t let a break in happen to you.

Your home should be a refuge for you and your family, but the rising residential crime rate has created anxiety for homeowners across the country. In these days of high unemployment statistics, the odds of your home being burglarized are higher than ever. Securing your home is no longer a matter of prestige; it’s a common sense decision. You will find that a security system is a vital deterrent to burglars. When a potential burglar sees an A-1 Security decal or yard sign, he will probably go to an unprotected home that is a better target. Additionally, homes with yard signs from national, mass market security companies (Apex, Brinks ADT, etc.) are more likely to be burglarized than homes protected by local security companies. People commonly steal large company signs and place them in their yards to make it look as though they have a security system. Burglars are aware of this. Call A-1 Security for local service from a local company.